Milestone Planner

AI and The Future of Work

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Truphone offices, kicking off a discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of work. This is a summary of the notes I made ahead of the talk, including some additional points that I left for the open discussion, and hopefully complements the […]

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Touching on the Timeline

Milestone Planner was the first web-based planning tool with a visual timeline at its heart. Time has moved on  and the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) world of cloud-based solutions, now benefits from more powerful browsers with a new generation of technologies. It was time to rewrite the Milestone Planner timeline from the ground up, so that’s what […]

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Making the Matrix Work

More and more of the conversations we are having with Milestone Planner users are about the challenges of matrix working. The formal definition of a matrix is anywhere there are dual reporting lines i.e. people have more than one formal boss. Almost anyone using Milestone Planner will be working on teams where they take instructions […]

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