About us

Our Story

Revolutionising Business Decision-making, Communication and Planning

Headquartered in the UK, at the heart of the M3/M4 technology corridor, SocialOptic has been serving customers across government, education and the private sector for 15+ years.

Back in 2008, our founders had become frustrated with only having the choice between spreadsheets or huge, cumbersome software tools with outdated methodologies to manage their planning, collaboration and decision-making. Out of that frustration, MilestonePlanner was born, with its visual, intuitive approach it has transformed the way we do business.

Fast-forward to today and SocialOptic’s people-focused tools are enabling data-driven collaboration, communication and decision-making in business, government, and education around the world. From employee engagement to compliance and risk assessment to lead generation to critical decision-making, SocialOptic solutions are underpinning best practice in teams worldwide.

The Team

The SocialOptic team is built from a diverse range of talents. Our founders and management team have career paths that include global technology and communication businesses such as Cisco Systems, CSC and Microsoft. We have drawn together a team with the expertise required to build software solutions that are used to improve and transform working cultures in knowledge-driven businesses.
The team has decades of experience in managing challenging, business-critical projects, products and services. Our expertise covers systems engineering, data science, simulation and analysis, training and psychology.

The Solutions

We enable people to truly see their business data and information, making collaboration, communication and decision-making straight-forward and effective. We deliver solutions that keep you focused on what is important to your business. We start by gathering data, with our SurveyOptic platform, to analyse and understand the environment and map relationships and dependancies using ThisBeforeThat. Then we build milestone-based project plans, using our Milestone Planner platform, and track and execute decisions using DecisionEar.  Finally, we use SurveyOptic to gather feedback and complete the closed-loop execution project.

All of our products have easy-to-use, web-based interfaces, and act as Progressive Web Apps. There is no requirement to build servers or even to install software, and definitely no more confusing, uncontrolled spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes.

We believe that the concepts behind the World Wide Web, using linked, loosely structured data, provide the answers to many of today’s business problems. We apply modern software design and development techniques, and applied psychology, to build software that doesn’t need manuals or hours of training to use.

Our Platform

Our web-based applications use cloud infrastructure to provide a highly scalable platform, with location independent service delivery. However, we also tightly control how and where data is stored, using end-to-end encryption and data zoning, so that we can meet even the most strict compliance and data protection requirements.


Social: Human interaction, collaboration and responsibility.

Etymology: Middle French ‘social’ (14c), from Latin socialis (“of companionship, of allies; united, living with others”), from socius (“a companion, fellow, partner, associate, ally”).

Attitudes, orientations, or behaviours which take the interests, intentions, or needs of other people into account. Of or relating to people or society in general. Of or relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society (Meriam-Webster).

Optic: Visible, transparent and seen.

Etymology: 15c, Middle French ‘optique’ (13c), from Latin opticus “of sight or seeing”, from Ancient Greek optikós, “of or having to do with sight”, from optos visible, seen; root of opsesthai “going to see,”

The branch of physics which involves the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. (wikipedia). Of or relating to vision or the eye (Meriam-Webster).

SocialOptic is based in the UK, at the heart of the M3/M4 technology corridor. You can find out more about us via our blog, follow us on LinkedIn, X (Twitter) or Facebook, or get in touch. We are always happy to explore ways we can help.