SocialOptic provides Software as a Service solutions that enable organisations to work more efficiently and more effectively. We don’t have any pushy VCs driving us towards an “exit” or looking to “flip the business.” We aren’t racing towards our next “pivot.” We are a privately held business, run by a team who have worked with some of the world’s most successful businesses, in the Silicon Valley and beyond. We aim to provide rewarding, life-affirming, family friendly quality work for our team, and solutions that improve our customer’s working lives.

The SocialOptic team is built from a unique combination of talents and individuals, drawn together to create tools to support positive, effective working cultures in knowledge-driven businesses. Our founders and management team have career paths that include Cisco Systems, Microsoft and other leading technology and communication businesses. We have decades of experience in managing highly challenging, business-critical products and services, and with specialisms that range from psychology to program management.

We enable people to truly see their business data and information, making collaboration, communication and decision-making more effective. We deliver solutions that keep you focussed on what is important to your business, and away from the things that are not, focusing on people (Social) and measured visibility and transparency (Optic), using the latest web-technologies, big data and human insight.

When it comes to the tricky issue of what needs doing, for whom, and by when, Milestone Planner provides clarity in an otherwise confusing world of email threads, misfiled documents and dropped phone calls. It’s easy-to-use, web-based interface enables you to track your projects and your progress. No more confusing spreadsheets, or overflowing inboxes.

We believe that Social Technology, and the concepts behind the Web, provide the answers to many of today’s business problems. We apply these concepts throughout our business, to build software that doesn’t need manuals or hours of training to use, by drawing on our expertise in Internet technologies, psychology and business transformation.

Our web-based applications use cloud infrastructure to provide platform and location independent service delivery. We also provide bespoke solutions, which can be run on your own infrastructure or our own, as well as developing applications on the leading mobile and desktop platforms. Check out Milestone Planner to see what we do, and see how we improve business.

SocialOptic is based in the UK, at the heart of the M3/M4 technology corridor. You can find out more about us via our blog, following us on Twitter as @SocialOptic or go old school and send us an email message or give us a call. We are always happy to explain what we do, so do get in touch.