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SocialOptic provides cloud-native SaaS (Software as a service) applications to thousands of organisations around the world. Our unique combination of industry knowledge, technical expertise and business experience enables us to build products that deliver outstanding results. Our tools enable effective discovery, collaboration, decision making to help people work together to create knowledge and reduce risks.


Our unique survey tool takes you far beyond online polls and traditional online surveys, to deliver strategic insight for your business. Designed specifically for benchmarking, segmentation and diagnostics, SurveyOptic is used for employee engagement, customer satisfaction, training and team performance diagnostics and analytics.


An outcome-based planning tool for fast moving, knowledge-driven business environments, with a unique graphical timeline, action tracking, real-time reports and a goal driven focus.

In business we are dealing with complex, inter-related issues, entities and opportunities. How are they related, and which should be tackled first? Whilst we are caught up in tackling the day-to-day, is what we are doing contributing to our goal? How is the evolving of our journey impacting reaching the destination? Take a step back from your planning to see the answers to these questions visually laid out for you in Milestone Planner, enabling you to take control of the big decisions with the relevant information at your fingertips.


DecisionEar enables clear and accountable decision making, supporting stakeholders and managing risk. It is a decision support system delivering a collaborative, data-driven approach to enable rapid, evidence-based decision making.


ThisBeforeThat enables you to map and visualise dependencies and relationships, to ensure first things really come first.
Finding new opportunities in a busy world is never a problem, but working out which to tackle first and how they relate to each other is always a challenge. It is a unique solution that enables teams to share and document complex relationships, making decisions simpler and more social.

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Our products are build using the same core SocialOptic technology, but each uniquely address challenges at different points of the OODA cycle, supporting human-centred, evidence-based decision-making.  Explore the products by arranging a consultation or a demostration.