Harness the power of human perspective.

From employee insights to service experience, from supplier engagement to strategic transformation, we will help you make the decisions that take you forward.


People insights with human-centric data management to understand experiences, attitudes and capabilities.
Driving transformation, from culture and regulatory compliance to innovation and collaboration.

Enterprise grade data collection, management and analytics for employee engagement, lead generation, customer satisfaction and compliance. Minimise the work involved in data collection and management, with automated reporting and life cycle managemnt.


Map and visualise dependencies, flows and relationships, to ensure first things really come first, identify pinch points and critical dependencies.


Clear, collaborative and accountable data-driven decision making. Supporting stakeholders, managing risk and accelerating decisions.

Milestone Planner

Collaborative, outcome and timeline driven planning, for teams and organisations.

15 Years of SocialOptic

This year is our 15th anniversary. It feels simultaneously like just yesterday and a lifetime ago since SocialOptic went from an idea to a business with customers. I am profoundly grateful to those who have supported us along the way, and to those who encouraged me to...

Scope 3 Emissions Travel Survey

If you’re starting to think about your scope 3 emissions reporting for the coming year, we can lend a helping hand when it comes to calculating employee commuting emissions, or even business travel. The nature of these mean they are more of a headache than some of the...

SurveyOptic Secures APUC Framework Agreement for Staff Engagement Surveys

We are excited to announce that SurveyOptic has achieved a significant milestone by becoming part of an APUC Framework Agreement, making it even easier for Scottish HE and FE institutions to procure our support for their staff engagement surveys. Having...

WorkTogether Bonus Episode – Remotely Interested

In this bonus episode of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Chris Trim discusses some highlights and learning from our recent research project “Remotely Interested”. Pulling in some quotes from the launch webinar of the research report, we unearth some interesting,...

WorkTogether Episode X – Series 1 Rewind – Joining the Leadership Dots

In Episode X of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Chris Trim joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss Series 1 of the podcast, remembering the guests we’ve had and the things we’ve learnt from them.   Chris is part of the team at SocialOptic, usually found behind...

7 Reasons To Do An Exit Survey Instead Of An Exit Interview

Did you know that nearly a million people left their jobs in the UK last year? You might not have heard of an exit survey before, but you will have heard of an exit interview. In an exit interview the person leaving is asked questions, usually about why they are...

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