From start up to scale up to grown up.

We harness the power of human data with psychology and data science to boost productivity and reduce risk.

From employee engagement, skills and organisational transformation to compliance, safety and security, we will help you to make the right decisions to succeed.


People insights with human-centric data management to under experiences, attitudes and capabilities.
Driving transformation, from culture and regulatory compliance to innovation and collaboration.

Enterprise grade data collection, management and analytics for employee engagement, lead generation, customer satisfaction and compliance. Minimise the work involved in data collection and management, with automated reporting and life cycle managemnt.


Map and visualise dependencies, flow and relationships, to ensure first things really come first, identify pinch points and critical flows.


Clear, collaborative and accountable data-driven decision making. Supporting stakeholders, managing risk and accelerating decisions.

Milestone Planner

Collaborative, outcome and timeline driven planning, for teams and organisations.


SocialOptic is about analysing human attitudes and behaviours to create more effective and sustainable organisations. We develop platforms that combine data science, machine learning, data visualisation and psychology to create solutions that generate strategic insights.

We help organisations make better, data-driven, decisions.



By putting people at the centre of systems, connected by collaborative web-based technology, we harness the power of conversational data to generate insights and improve organisational learning. Our tools enable effective collaboration, create new knowledge and insights, and identify and manage risks.


Harnessing the Theory of Planned Behaviour

I vividly remember the first time that I spoke about the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) in the context of organisational transformation. It was almost two decades ago at a conference for communications professionals. The room was packed, and as I explained the...

Observing the invisible: Measuring culture

Since the start of my career in technology I have been keenly aware of the role culture has in the success of a business. I remember my first week working in Silicon Valley, as Friday afternoon rolled around, pizzas arrived at the office and family members and company...

Closing the Loop: The Process That Sets Successful Businesses Apart

You’ve either heard of the closed-loop process or you haven’t. Here at SocialOptic, it’s something we incorporate into our daily working practice and we encourage our clients to do the same. Why? Because when you look at high-performing organisations you see a...

Digital Accessibility: Are We Doing Enough?

Imagine for a moment, you’re stuck at home, ill, and when you turn on your computer, hoping to find out what’s going on in the world, you find the mouse has broken. You decide to browse online anyway but find that your once favourite websites don’t work properly now...

The Future of Employee Engagement: Why the Annual Survey is Becoming a Must Have

The annual employee engagement survey is making a comeback. After falling out of favour for a few years, more and more companies are coming round to the idea that a large annual survey is the best way to understand their workforce. Why is this? After all, in recent...

On creativity ..

When my eldest daughter hit the glorious long summer holiday where she had taken her GCSEs and she needed to decide her A-Levels, it was really important to her 16yo self to work out whether she was an Artist or a Scientist. She spent the whole summer holiday...