Harness the power of human perspective.

From employee insights to service experience, from supplier engagement to strategic transformation, we will help you make the decisions that take you forward.


People insights with human-centric data management to under experiences, attitudes and capabilities.
Driving transformation, from culture and regulatory compliance to innovation and collaboration.

Enterprise grade data collection, management and analytics for employee engagement, lead generation, customer satisfaction and compliance. Minimise the work involved in data collection and management, with automated reporting and life cycle managemnt.


Map and visualise dependencies, flow and relationships, to ensure first things really come first, identify pinch points and critical flows.


Clear, collaborative and accountable data-driven decision making. Supporting stakeholders, managing risk and accelerating decisions.

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Collaborative, outcome and timeline driven planning, for teams and organisations.

At SocialOptic, our vision is to foster more effective and sustainable organisations. Our platform uses the power of data science, machine learning, data visualisation, and psychology to translate human opinion and behaviour into actionable, strategic insights.

We’re not just about making better decisions – we’re about forging better relationships, helping people to work together more effectively.

WorkTogether Episode 9 – Thrivable Organisations

In episode 9 of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Jean M. Russell joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss the topic of Thrivable Organisations.     Jean is an artist, author, social technologist and innovator. She has been passionate about co-creating a more thrivable...

WorkTogether Episode 8 – Wellbeing in the workplace

In Episode 8 of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Zelda Franklin-Hills joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss wellbeing in the workplace.   Zelda is the Director of Organisational Development and Human Resources at Fife College. In this episode, she shares her...

Taking a Stand Against Modern Slavery

When we think of modern slavery, it's easy to picture it as an issue confined to distant corners of the world, but the grim reality is that modern slavery exists much closer to home. When then go on to look to people in work who are being paid below the minimum amount...

WorkTogether Episode 7 – Hidden Networks and Invisible Systems

In Episode 7 of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Anne Marie Rattray joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss hidden networks and invisible systems.     Anne Marie is an expert in organisational systems, networks, development and continual learning. Passionate about...

WorkTogether Episode 6 – Culture, strategy and change

In episode 6 of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Alison Minns joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss organisational culture, strategy and change.   Alison has worked as a culture specialist for over 10 years, most recently holding the position...

Harnessing the Theory of Planned Behaviour

I vividly remember the first time that I spoke about the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) in the context of organisational transformation. It was almost two decades ago at a conference for communications professionals. The room was packed, and as I explained the...

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