SocialOptic are pleased to announce that we have again been approved as a government supplier on the G-Cloud platform. Our solutions have been approved on the framework throughout the last four iterations and have grown our customer base with each new wave. For us, G-Cloud has been a fantastic way to connect with like-minded public organisations, while benefiting from the efficiencies of the streamlined procurement process provided by framework.

SocialOptic has been able to extend its solutions to the health, finance and education sectors, while also growing our commercial customer base. We are looking forward to reaching out to new forward thinking departments and organisations and partnering up using one of the ten cloud software tools we now have available on the framework.

SocialOptic is a UK-based SME providing Data Collection and Management services, using Software as a Service platforms, to government and commercial customers globally. Our expertise combines data engineering, psychology and research methods, applied to organisational improvement, focusing on engagement, discovery and strategic planning.

SocialOptic have been delivering services for nearly 9 years, collecting and reporting on survey data from more than 30 countries and in over 15 languages. We have built and managed surveys, conducted research, and collated, analysed and disseminated results for a wide range of audiences, ranging from consumers to college students, and from senior executives to research scientists.

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