OK, it’s a fairly provocative title, but it is a provocative topic! Join us on Thursday 26th September at 1pm, at Bloomberg’s offices for a lively discussion, where I will be joined by:




Euan Semple is the author of “Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do: A Manager’s Guide to the Social Web”  and former Director of Knowledge Management at the BBC. He has worked with organisations including Nokia, the World Bank, and NATO, and is well-known for his insights on putting the web to work for business.


Dana Leeson

Dana Lesson is the global Digital Workplace Architect at BSI (British Standards Institution), one-quarter of the Intranetizen team, co-founder of theICcrowd, and co-organiser of The Big Yak. Dana is a passionate  social media enthusiast, with over a decade of communications experience, that includes a three-year post as President of a charity.





And then there is me… During my time as the global advocate for Internet Technologies at Cisco Systems, during in the 90’s, I championed the deployment of literally hundreds of Intranets. Two decades later, web technology is back to revolutionise The Enterprise again, and this time, it’s personal. Can social platforms really solve the problems facing today’s businesses, and are they really different from the intranets that came before them? Come and join us to find out.