Busy times for the SocialOptic Team! We were delighted that a distinguished panel of judges selected Milestone Planner as a finalist in the first round of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition, ranking us as one of the top 5 mobile start ups in the UK. The independent recognition and acknowledgement is a great validation of what many of you have been telling us. Milestone Planner’s users have been winning awards of their own, but more about that in another post. This post is all about mobile.

Spurred on by discussions and sessions at Over The Air, we have released a number of new features for Milestone Planner Mobile. You can now more easily log on from your mobile, and view Milestones. For phones with Javascript capable browsers and touch screens, you can also update Milestone status and dates, as well as adding notes and updates. You can now even invite people to a plan right from your mobile.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s talk at over the air was also a good reminder to us of the importance of openness for the success of the web, so we have started to formulate plans for an API to Milestone Planner. If you are interested in integrating what you are doing with Milestone Planner, then do please get in touch. And on a similar note, feel free to send us screen shots of Milestone Planner running on your device – it helps us work to create a better experience. We keep an eye on the #milestoneplanner tag on Twitter and Flickr – it’s always nice to see the great comments there. I rather like the look of Milestone Planner on the new Nokia E7 (thank you @ilicco!)

Nokia World-0836.jpg