In the spirit of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we have some news to share that underscores our commitment to cyber security. SocialOptic has moved up to Cyber Essentials Plus certification, providing external verification of our security practice. However, that’s not all; we’ve also made an additional security feature—Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – available to every customer.

Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

In line with Cyber Security Awareness Month, SocialOptic has secured a Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This achievement reflects our approach to safeguarding all of our systems and data, not only during this month, but every day. Our work on cyber security doesn’t stop here. SocialOptic has consistently undergone regular penetration testing, carried out by CREST certified penetration testers, and has held the Cyber Essentials self-certification level for many years. External testing ensures the robustness of our systems and that our security measures are up to date, that our security practices are effective, and provides assurance of our security capabilities.

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

As part of our ongoing mission to enhance security, we’ve introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as a standard feature. With 2FA, our customers benefit from an additional layer of security whenever they access their accounts. This feature requires not only a password but also a unique, one-time code, typically generated by a mobile authenticator app like Authy or Microsoft Authenticator. This reduces the risk of unauthorised access, even if login credentials are compromised. This also helps our customers to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus, and follow security best practice, keeping their customer, employee, supplier and service user data secure.

Surrey Cyber Security Cluster and Surrey University

More locally, SocialOptic is involved in the Surrey Cyber Security Cluster, a collaborative hub of cyber security professionals and organisations that focuses on collaboration, information sharing and research and development to enhance cyber security capabilities, as part of the UKC3 initiative. We are deeply grateful to have such a talented and supportive community of experts on our doorstep, with some healthy competition to keep us all on top of our game! Royal Holloway may have won this year’s security challenge cup, but congratulations also go to Surrey University for being named Cyber University of the Year at this year’s National Cyber Awards. These organisations embody the spirit of excellence and cooperation in cyber security, developing skills and knowledge of the benefit community.

Concluding Thoughts

Of course Cyber security isn’t about certificates, badges and awards; it’s about safeguarding data and ensuring the trust and confidence of our customers and our customers’ customers. Our attainment of Cyber Essentials Plus certification and the introduction of 2FA reflect our on going journey to provide the best security capabilities and practice. We will continue to add features and capabilities to ensure that we provide the best security in our class.

This Cyber Security Awareness Month, let’s collectively reinforce the importance of robust cyber security. Stay vigilant, and together, we’ll create a safer digital world.