In Episode 7 of the SocialOptic WorkTogether Podcast, Anne Marie Rattray joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss hidden networks and invisible systems.    

Anne Marie is an expert in organisational systems, networks, development and continual learning. Passionate about academia and industry, her PhD title was “A Systems Approach to Empowerment in UK Manufacturing Enterprises”. With extensive experience in organisations, Anne Marie brings a refreshing perspective to the topic which is both authoritative and forthright. 

Anne-Marie discusses the concept of organisations as simultaneous, dynamic, and interconnected systems. Philosophies like lean and the viable systems model, and how knowledge works in organisations. 


Show notes 

Host: Benjamin Ellis 

Show guest: Anne Marie Rattray 

Producer: Chris Trim 

Links and resources 

Alex Pentland’s Social Physics 

Lowell L. Bryan, Eric Matson, and Leigh M. Weiss. 2007. Harnessing the Power of Informal Employee Networks 

Anne Marie Rattray. Facilitating The Space In Between