In Episode 4 of WorkTogether, Cris Sachikonye joins Benjamin Ellis to discuss Social Value, leadership, and decision making. 

Social value has increasingly become a topic of public interest, particularly after the introduction of the Public Services (Social Value) Act in 2012, and its growing impact on government procurement policy. As the Chief Executive of Social Value UK, Cris advocates for engagement with social value principles as part of a growing social value movement. He urges individuals and organizations to consider the value they create and destroy, and to use measurement as a tool for informed decision-making. Drawing on his extensive experience in leadership and his academic background teaching at Manchester University, Cris offers valuable insights gained from working across diverse cultures and environments. To learn more about Social Value UK and their mission, visit their website at


Show notes 

Host: Benjamin Ellis 

Show guest: Cris Sachikonye 

Producer: Chris Trim 

Links and resources: 

Social Value UK 

What is Social Value? 

Principles of Social Value