Take-OffAre you going all serious on me? Well, the answer is yes. We’ve always been very serious about Milestone Planner and now things are moving up a level.

When you next logon you’ll notice that the “Beta” button has gone. For  many services, being in perpetual beta is a fine fashion statement, but  we have a large number of users managing big projects within Milestone Planner, and we’d love more, so it’s officially time to come out of beta.

Being out of beta doesn’t mean we are perfect though – if you do see a hickup, then give us your feedback. There are so many permutations of browsers, operating systems and plugins, there there is always the occasional surprise. You’ll find we get things fixed very quickly if there is an issue, and that we are definitely still adding new functionality.

A number of users have asked us for premium features, so we’re opening that option up more broadly to users of Milestone Planner. The free service will remain as is. Create as many projects as you want and invite as many people as you need to manage the projects . The “Professional” option adds full SSL support and full Milestone history for  users that have upgraded.

We’ll be adding in more features in the coming months, so  as an incentive to get in early, we have set up an 80% discount code, which gets you a whole year of Milestone Planner Professional for £19.80. Simply head over to the store – click “upgrade to Professional” and enter launch2009 as your discount code. If you are new to Milestone Planner, you’ll want to sign up and give it a try first. If you are upgrading an existing account, just use the same email address you normally login with and you are away.

The offer is only open to the first 200 people [a few left but only a few days left] who register after this post and before the end of december, and if you want to share the code via Twitter or via your blog, then that’s great with us [drop us an email and we’ll send you a code].

If you’re a bigger business with lots of users, we have two other offers that might be of interest to you – drop us a line and we’ll tell you about them.