Your Assurance of Uninterrupted Service: Our Advanced Platform Monitoring

We know that you depend on our SaaS solutions to power your organisation. That’s why we’ve invested in the most robust and proactive platform monitoring systems in the industry, to ensure seamless and uninterrupted service.

Round-the-Clock Uptime Monitoring

Our systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure the maximum availability of our services. Instant alerts mean we’re always the first to know and respond in the rare event of downtime.

Guaranteed Connectivity

Continuous monitoring of our data centers and third-party connectivity eliminate potential disruptions, keeping your service and data flow seamless.

Health API Monitoring

Our dedicated health API constantly monitors the performance of all of our internal service endpoints. This monitoring allows us to detect and rectify any potential issues promptly, ensuring consistent service delivery.

Secure Data Transmission

With active SSL Certificate Monitoring, we ensure that data transmission between our servers and your systems remains secure and encrypted at all times.

Transparent Status Updates

For real-time updates, visit our status page at It offers a transparent view of our system’s current operational status, so that you’re always informed.

Error Tracking

We have sophisticated platforms for event handling and fault management, which help us to identify, track, and resolve issues in real-time, providing a closed loop process from issue to resolution. This means a consistent and high-quality user experience for you and for all of your users.

Performance Management

Our APIs and system responsiveness are proactively monitored, with automated alerts and anomoly detection, guaranteeing a high-speed, efficient service, even during peak loads.

Operational Monitoring

We use a comprehensive dashboard for end to end system tracking. It sends alerts for critical events and monitors server performance parameters such as CPU usage, throughput, and IOPS, and our systems dynamically add capacity when it is required, and dynamically reduce it when it isn’t, to minimize our environmental footprint.

Immediate Alerting System

Our alerting system notifies our team via email, SMS, and the Azure app about significant events or issues. This ensures that the right people are promptly informed about significant service events, from performance metrics to system health indicators, ensuring swift action when needed.

Your Success is Our Success

We’re committed to providing the most seamless, reliable service possible. With our advanced monitoring strategies and tools in place, you can be confident that our platform will be there for you when you need it most, from health care and government infrastructure, to support tools for the financial sector, we have an established reputation for the highest levels of service delivery.