SurveyOptic – Online Surveys

SurveyOptic, our unique survey-driven insights platform takes you far beyond traditional online surveys and polls, to deliver strategic insights for your organisation. Designed specifically for analysis, benchmarking, segmentation and diagnostics, SurveyOptic is used for culture audits, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, training and team performance diagnostics and analytics as well as clinical diagnostics and public consultations. SurveyOptic enables you to improve your culture, your services and your brand by enabling you to quickly and easily identify trends and patterns in your data.
It can be used as a self-service SaaS platform, or you can draw on our expert services team who will work with you to create an effective question set, and design impactful customised reports and diagnostics.

Professional survey design

  • We will help you ask the right questions, avoiding survey design pitfalls, based on years of experience and data.
  • Have your survey up and rapidly deployed – We can even import your existing data and surveys.

Broad platform support

  • Surveys can be completed on a widerange of platforms and devices.
  • Full mobile support, from legacy smart phones to the latest tablet devices.
  • Interface adapts to make use of advanced browser capabilities.
  • Full WCAG AA conformance, providing the highest levels of accessibility.

Benchmark and compare survey results

  • Compare responses against historic survey data or imported data sources.
  • Visualise trends and exceptions in your data sets.
  • Generate automated diagnostics reports to drive effective action plans.

Our platform is backed by our service assurance to ensure 24/7 availability and continuous high performance.

Find out how SurveyOptic can provide insight into team progress, employee engagement and customer satisfaction for your business.