Engagement and measurement are more important that ever. From understanding the RoI of new initiatives, to assessing the effectiveness of existing channels, SocialOptic‘s survey, questionnaire, polling, and planning solutions help you to provide the evidence you need to move your organisation forward.

Employee Engagement Surveys

SurveyOptic provides a more agile approach to getting engagement feedback, with faster rollout, and results delivered and communicated in a timely and effective way.

Channel Audit and Mapping

Get insights into which communications channels are working, and which are having the greatest impact. Identify unmet needs, and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of communications.

Compliance and Training

Ensure that compliance objectives are being met, and that training programs and being delivered effectively. SurveyOptic automatically creates maps and records to support your compliance efforts.

Communications Planning

MilestonePlanner enables you to collaboratively plan and track communications across channels and audiences. It also enables you to manage tasks and check lists to reduce the time taken to complete communications delivery.

With our collaborative approach we can help you find unique ways to measure and improve your communication and engagement.