Privacy is what we do. SocialOptic was founded on the principles of privacy by design. How we collected data, and what we do with it, is at the heart of how we work. As far as we can, we minimise the data we collect, and we aim to be both transparent and accountable in the way that we process  data. Your data is your data.

The Data We Collect 

Each of our products and services has its own privacy policy, since each product collects and processes data in ways that are specific to what it does.

This Website

On this web site, our company web site, we collect data to respond to your requests, measure the effectiveness of our marketing, and maintain the security of the website. This consists of:

1. Web analytics

We use Google Analytics to report on web traffic and how you came to the website.

2. Live Chat

We use GoSquared to enable live chat with our web visitors.

3. Server Logs

WPEngine monitor and log access to our web servers.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about how we handle your data, or wish to request a copy or amendment of any identifiable data we might hold about you, please contact us via our Get In Touch page.

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