Making the Matrix Work

More and more of the conversations we are having with Milestone Planner users are about the challenges of matrix working. The formal definition of a matrix is anywhere there are dual reporting lines i.e. people have more than one formal boss. Almost anyone using Milestone Planner will be working on teams where they take instructions […]

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Managing Product Management

Although I didn’t physically manage to get to #mindtheproduct2012, I did get to enjoy the tweetstream, mainly thanks to the tweets of @welovelean and @mindtheproduct (the latter under the prolific fingertips of James Mayes). If you are, or aspire to be, a product manager, then Mind The Product is a great site, and the presentations will be […]

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Social Media is impacting business models

Earlier in the year I spoke at an event for the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), and some recent discussions have caused me to reflect again on how social technologies are fundamentally altering the way we do business. A study by IBM, that interviewed 1500 CEOs, revealed that nearly all of them are adapting […]

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